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Cómo se comparan las apuestas deportivas mexicanas con las de otros mercados latinoamericanos

Although at first it may seem not, there are differences in sports betting between different countries. We can notice these differences even when we talk about countries found in Latin America. Many of these changes are usually linked to the sports offer presented on the platform or the most frequent bonuses. Next, we present a comparison of sports betting in other Latin countries with respect to Mexican betting. 

most requested sports

Possibly, this is the point where the biggest difference between sports bets by region is found. If we talk about sports betting in Mexico, there is no doubt that the most demanded sport is soccer. The same applies to other countries, so it is no surprise that you find the king of sports leading the betting platforms of different countries. 

The difference can be found in the demand for other sports. In the case of cycling, this is not a very popular discipline in Mexico. Although many platforms such as Instabet have this option on their list, it does not present a flow of bets as high as in other regions.

Colombia and Peru are the opposite of Mexico, reaching a high demand in cycling and triathlon events. Thanks to this, the platforms dedicated exclusively to these countries have a high coverage in this kind of events, something that we do not see in Mexican bookmakers. mejores reseñas de casinos y casas de apuestas - Instabet reseña

Coverage to Mexican leagues

Like to accept it or not, Mexican sports leagues are not a priority at the international level. These are usually present on a practically mandatory basis within Mexico, however, outside the country it is a totally different story. In countries like Venezuela, Colombia or Argentina, we may not even find a section with coverage of the Mexican leagues. 

The sport where we can see this kind of league most frequently is in soccer. In basketball or baseball events it will be practically impossible for us to find Mexico within the list of leagues if we are on a platform dedicated to another country. 

Similarities in quotas and operation

Even though other points may be different, the essence of bookmakers is the same throughout Latin America. They handle the same quota system and even have similar values, so there are no great advantages over your potential profit when betting from one place or another. This also applies to the way you place bets, so you will follow exactly the same steps and be able to successfully place a bet.

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